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Iowa Deer License Information

Iowa Deer License Information

Iowa deer licenses are awarded by a lottery system.  The Iowa DNR uses a preference point system, making the chance of getting a tag better.  It currently takes approximately three years to get an archery tag in Zone 6, two points and a successful draw on the third year.

The shotgun and muzzleloader seasons have a higher success rate of acquiring a tag, many times in the first year.  The application period for a deer license starts the first Saturday in May and ends the first Sunday in June.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  If you would like a reminder when the application period begins, please sign up for our email reminder.

Iowa also awards turkey licenses using a lottery system, but many times there are some tags left over to re-apply for.  The application period for turkeys begins on December 15 and runs through Jan 26. (These dates may vary from year to year.)   Please check the Iowa DNR’s website for exact dates.

If you would like a reminder once the application period for the turkey or deer licenses begins you can enter your email address below.  We will send you a notice that the application period has begun and a notice to notify you that there is one week left to apply.

***All Missouri Tags are available over the counter***